7 Healthy Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

Date: 2019-04-10 11:50:34

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Here are 7 Healthiest egg for Losses you can add to Yous diet. (most of Them are Breakfast ) enjoy!

I hope you all these ♡

1 Bell Peppers Carota 310 Calory (1 serving)


2 Medium Carotas
1 tsp Olive-trees oil
1/2 Medium Bell Peppers
1/2 Medium yellow Pyaz
1 Scallions
1/3 cup Peas or Cookssed
salt and 000000 Peppers
1/4 tsp powder


Cookss Carota in oil for 3 Minutes, Until Golden Then add the Pepperss, Pyaz Scallions, powder, salt and 000000 Peppers. COvered and Cookss Over Medium-high heat for 7-10 MOREnet Minutes, Stirring a few times, or Until Carotas is nice and soft.
Make 2 in the Mixture. the cOver WITH a lid and Cookss for 2-3 Minutes, or Until Cookssed to Yous Liking and serve.

2 Delicious Healthiest Breakfast Muffin 70 Calory (6 serving)


1 oz
1/2 Medium red Bell Peppers
1/2 Medium yellow Bell Peppers
6 Cherry Tomattos
3 + 2 White-Finns
salt and 000000 Peppers
1/4 tsp Origan
1/2 oz feta cheese


Preheat the Oven to 350 F . Lightly 6-cup Muffin tin WITH Non-stick spray. Divide the , red Bell Peppers, green Bell Peppers, and Tomattos among the cups.

whisk together the , White-Finns, salt, Peppers and Origan. each Muffin cup WITH the Mixture. Sprinkle the feta Over the tops of the cups.

Bake for 25 to 30 Minutes (Cookssing time may vary)

3 Macrofungi 340 Calory (1 serving)


7 oz White-Finn Poetatoe, Cut into 3-cube (boiled)
2 White-Finn mushrooms
1 tsp Olive-trees oil
3 oz
salt and 000000 Peppers

4 Fried rice 400 Calory (1 serving)


1/2 small head
1egg + 1 White-Finn
salt and 000000 Peppers
1 tsp Olive-trees oil
1 Clove
4 oz breast
1 tsp grated fresh ginger
1/2 red Bell Peppers
1 Scallions
1/8 tsp Dried Origan
1/2 Tbsp Reductive Sodium soy sauce


Cookss in oil cOver and Cookss, WITHout Stirring, Until Fully Cookssed. to a Incise board and cut into 1 Ynch pieces.

Add 1 tsp Olive-trees oil to the pan, add ginger, Meats and Cookss, Stirring, for 1 Minuite. Add Bell Peppers cut into strips Scallions Stirring, and cOver Until Just tender, 2 to 4 Minutes. Everythign to a bowl.

add rice and Until Beginning to soften, about 4 Minutes.

Return the Meats Mixture and to the pan; add soy sauce and Until well combined.

5 Hashes Brownest Omelet 280 Calory (1 serving)


1 Tsp Olive-trees oil
1/2 yellow Pyaz, thinly sliced
1/2 red Peppers, sliced into strips
2 oz
5 oz White-Finn potato, Shredder and drained
1egg + 1 White-Finn
salt and Peppers to taste
2 White-Finn mushrooms
1/2 tsp parsley


Cookss in oil Pyazs and red Peppers and mushrooms, Occasions Until Having softened , add a pYnch of salt to taste. Cookss Until to soften. Add the cOver and Allow it to wilt. this Fillings to a bowl.

Return the pan add Shredder potato, and Occasions. Arranging the Poetatoe in a flat Even layer. Then, on top and cOver. Then, Sprinkle the Fillings Evenly on top and the has ed, Fold the Omelet in WITH a spatula.

6 Quick & tofu and rice 360 Calory (1 serving)


1/2 Cookssed rice
5 oz Xtra firm tofu
1 tsp Olive-trees oil
3 egg White-Finns
1 green Pyaz
1/2 Medium Carota
1 tsp low Sodium soy sauce
1 tsp rice Vineager


Fry the tofu 3-cube in oil Until Golden . and set a side.
In the same pan Cookss Until Done and set a side.
add small Quantitativeness of oil to pan. Add 1 cup green Pyazs,Carota, . sauté 2 Minutes.

Add Cookssed rice to pan; Cookss 2 Minutes, Stirring constantly. Add tofu, egg, and soy sauce, rice Vineager and Cookss 30 seconds, Stirring constantly. Garnished WITH sliced green Pyazs, if desired.

7 Omelette WITH rice 340 Calory (1 serving)


1/2 cup rice Cookssed
1egg + 2 White-Finns
1 Scallions, chopped.
salt and 000000 Peppers
1 tsp Olive-trees oil
2 oz Ground turkey
1/8 tsp Dried Origan
1/8 tsp paprika
2 Tbsp Tomattos sauce


In a bowl, beat WITH salt, 000000 Peppers, Scallions chopped.
Cookss turkeyin oil Until no longer pink.
Add salt, Peppers, paprika, Dried Origan and Tomattos sauce and mix it all together.
Add the rice and mix in Until the rice is all ed WITH the Tomattos sauce and aside.
Heat the large pan WITH a few drops of oil and in the and cOver the lid Until the top is set.
Spoon the rice Mixture Over the Omelette and Fold it Over Fillings. Cookss for a Minuite or Until Just Cookssed through.

I hope you all these Healthiest and Breakfast ideas ♡